CampMaid Combo Set 12" Oven/Lid Lifter/Flip Grill/Charcoal/Wood Holder Heat Source/Kick Stand/Stand

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6pc Combo (5pc + Carry Bag) CampMaid 6 Piece Combo Cookware

Specifications for Carry Bag:

  • Size: 14" x 9"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

5-Piece Combo Includes:

  • CampMaid 12" Pre-Seasoned Dutch Oven
  • CampMaid Lid Lifter
  • CampMaid Flip Grill
  • CampMaid Charcoal/Wood Holder Heat Source
  • CampMaid KickStand
  • CampMaid Heavy Duty Carry Bag

12 " Dutch Oven:

  • Pre-seasoned 12" Dutch Oven
  • 6-7 Quart
  • tab for easy pouring
  • Sturdy handle

Lid Lift & Serve:

  • Removes lid and keeps it off the ground!
  • Use as a serving stand and pot holder!
  • Flip it over and use the lid as a skillet!
  • Keeps food warm
  • Lid lift and removal is easy, safe, and secure
  • Turn stand upside down for cooking on lid
  • Steel frame construction
  • Easily stored inside of a 12" or larger Dutch oven
  • Handle is designed to not get hot (when used properly)

Flip Grill:

  • Attach Flip Grill to your CampMaid Lid Holder (sold separately or in combo pack)
  • Simply "Flip & Grill" over the CampMaid Charcoal Holder (sold separately or in combo pack)
  • CampMaid Charcoal Holder clips under grill for cooking!
  • Raise and lower for desired heat!
  • Can also be used as a Trivet or Steamer

Charcoal/Wood Holder Heat Source:

  • Multi-use Heat Source for charcoal and wood
  • Add wood chips for smoking food!
  • Flip the CampMaid Lid Lifter to use Dutch Oven lid as a skillet – use the charcoal holder for heating the skillet lid
  • Holds charcoal in place for even heat
  • Clamp on handle for adjustable cooking
  • Use with other CampMaid tools or place it on the ground and put Dutch Oven directly on top of the coals
  • Anodized steel tray for durability & convenience
  • Great for starting charcoal with its air flow design

Kick Stand:

  • Fits All Sized Dutch Oven Lids
  • Easy And Safe Way To Handle Your Lids
  • Dumps charcoal into one spot for easy clean up
  • Great Way To Cool Lids Down

Heavy Duty Carry Bag:

  • Heavy Duty Bag to carry all CampMaid Tools + Dutch Oven: Lid Lifter, Flip Grill, Charcoal Holder, Kick Stand
  • Can be used to carry your 8", 10", or 12" Dutch oven
  • Can be used for a utility tool bag or utensil bag
  • Heavy Duty with extra webbing on handles, can carry up to 30 lbs
  • Extra inner Hoop and Loop Fastener pocket for the FlipGrill

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